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Suparwono 242 cm tall men

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Suparwono -242 cm Tallest living Indonesian. Officially measured (lying down and in the standing position) by the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) in December 2009. The 17th tall men in the world.

Suparwono, who like many Indonesians goes by just one name, stands 2.71 metres (8.89 feet) tall according to unofficial measurements, compared to Kosen's record height of 2.47 metres.

"I started to realise my exceptional height when I was 10 years old. At that time, I was already the tallest at my school and in my village," he told AFP between television appearances. "I eat three kilograms (6.61 pounds) of rice every day and at least 15 eggs," he added.

One of five children, he hoped as a teenager to be a basketball star but his body couldn't stand the stress of elite sport, according to his former coach, Willy Winoto. "After two years of training we found that he was unable to become a national athlete because of his bone problems. His anatomical structure isn't good enough to be an athlete," Winoto said.
Suparwono lives with his parents and earns money doing odd jobs around the village.
But Lampung Governor Sjachroedin Zainal promised to give him a "proper job" and make him an ambassador for the province.
Suparwono who hoped to be named the world's tallest man is actually five centimetres (almost two inches) shorter than record-holder Sultan Kosen of Turkey, an official said on Wednesday.
Official measurements taken by Indonesia's Museum of Records found the 25-year-old Suparwono stood at 2.42 metres, enough to make him Indonesia's tallest man but not enough to qualify for the Guinness World Records.
'After our team from the Museum of Record measured him lying down and in the standing position we found that his height is 2.42 metres,' museum director Ngadri told AFP.
'We had reports this morning including the result of measurements from a hospital which were 2.71 metres. But we have to stick to our measurement,' he said.
His true height is still under discussion. There are some decent arguments against him being 7'11.2". He might 'only' be around 7'7". At the moment we will leave him at 7'11" because that was the 'official' measurement, but chances are we will list him at a lower height after enough evidence has been gathered.
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