Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gustaf Edman 242 cm tall men

Tall men --Sweden Sweden
Gustaf Edman 242 cm . Listed as the eleventh tallest in Guinness World Records. Gustav "Jätten" Edman was born in Bondave – Burs in 1881. Burs is a small parish on the Swedish island of Gotland. There is a wooden sculpture of him in Burs. His fathers name was Peter Edman and his mothers name was Augusta Gustavsson. His father left for the USA leaving his mother and Gustav behind. They lived in a house for the poor. The 15th tall men in the world.

He had a normal development till the sixth grade in school (13 yrs of age). At the age of 17 his height was 218 cm and his weight was 140 kg. He first worked as a farm hand and was very strong. Later, he appeared in shows and at fairs al over Europe and became quite famous. He was married to Anna Persson and had one son and two daughters. He died in 1912 in Finland at the age of 31 because of a epidemic illness (undefined). His final length was supposedly 242 cm. and weight was 230 kg. For a long time he was 11th on the tallest man list in the “Guinness book of records”. Photographic evidence suggest he was around 7'4.5" tall. Some family pictures were published in “Göteborgs-Posten”.

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