Tuesday, July 20, 2010

John F. Carroll 244 cm tall men

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John F. Carroll 244 cm.8 ft 0 in (244 cm) standing height, 8 ft 7¾ in (264 cm) assuming normal spinal curvature.John F. Carroll (1932-1969) is one of twelve individuals recorded in medical history to have stood eight feet or more. Carroll suffered from severe, 2-dimensional spinal curvature (Kyphoscoliosis) and acromegalic gigantism. He had a standing height of 244 centimeters (8 feet 0 inches) on October 14, 1959, but his height would have been 264 centimeters (8 feet 7¾ inches), assuming normal curvature of the spine. He was later measured at 239 centimeters (7 feet 10½inches) in 1968; he had shrunk in stature due to his worsening spinal condition. Shortly before Carroll's death in 1969 his standing height was 234 centimeters (7 feet 8¼ inches). His corrected height was not recorded but may have been close to nine feet. The 14th tall men in the world.

Carroll was born in Buffalo, New York and also known as the Buffalo Giant in medical literature. Carroll was third in stature only to Robert Wadlow and Willie Bud Rogan. His extraordinary growth started at the age of sixteen and continued until his death, despite extensive treatments at Mercy Hospital. At one point he grew seven inches in height in a matter of a few months.
While in a hospital bed Carroll ran a campaign for Alderman of his district and lost by only a few votes.

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