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Édouard Beaupré 251 cm tall men

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Édouard Beaupré 251 cm Born in Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan, Canada, he performed in various circuses and notably wrestled strongman Louis Cyr. Edouard Beaupré (January 9, 1881 – July 3, 1904) was a circus and freak show giant, strongman, and a star in Barnum and Bailey's circus. The 5th tall men in the world.


Beaupré was the eldest of 20 children born to Gaspard and Florestine (née Piché) Beaupré in the newly-founded parish of Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan, Canada, and was the first child to be baptized in the parish.

Beaupré did not appear abnormally large at birth, and for the first three years of his life, his growth was relatively normal. However, Edouard's growth rate then increased dramatically, so much so that by age nine he was six feet tall, and by the age of 17 his height was recorded at 7'1". In 1902, Edouard's height was measured at 8 feet 2.5 inches and he weighed over 400 pounds. His death certificate describes him as being 8'3" (2,52m) tall and still growing.

As a young man Beaupré quickly grew into a first-rate horseman. Edouard had a dream of becoming a cowboy when he was growing up. When Beaupré was 15, he quit school to pursue his dreams of riding the open range. Legend has it that he had to give up his cowboy dream because his legs dragged on the ground when he rode even the tallest horses, but that is unlikely, since an average-sized saddle horse is about 5 feet tall at the saddle. He then decided to use his size to his advantage to support his family. Instead of riding them, he ended up lifting them. Edouard would become known as the "Willow Bunch Giant".

At the urging of others and to help support his family, he went on to tour the North American freak show circuit. Over the years he would be stared at by onlookers, wrestle strongmen, and perform feats of strength. His signature stunt was crouching underneath a horse and lifting it up to his shoulders. He would then go on to star in Barnum and Bailey Circus, even though life on the road was not easy for Beaupré. (To accommodate his size, hotel staff would line up trunks to support a second mattress to lengthen his bed.) He would spend the latter part of his short life performing in freak shows and circuses reportedly lifting horses as heavy as 900 pounds.

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